About Us

Specialists in plastic mould injection construction, the Tecniplast s.a.s Company was founded at the end of the 80's in response to a strong booming foreign market.

The Company, which is furnished with new generation and highest precision CNC machineries, is able to build steel moulds of small, medium and large dimension mainly designed for household, gardening and cosmetic items.

Each product is controlled in its every phase: from planning to manufacturing and right up to the final test put on presses which are set inside the factory (up to a capability of 1000 tons).

During these past years,Tecniplast s.a.s has availed itself in terms of reliability, efficiency and quality and today it promptly responds to a particular foreign market demand which is more and more competitive in the mould manufacturing industry.

Where we are

TecniPlast sas

Zona Industriale Novoleto
Phone: +39 0187 460607
Fax: +39 0187 461480
Email: tecniplastsas@libero.it